How do you self-care?

How do you self-care?

Now that we are past the new year's resolution hype and are deep into Aquarius season, your resolutions may have fallen off the radar. That's okay, it happens. But if one of your resolutions was to look after yourself and invest in a little self-care, then how do you get on track? Here is The Good Aura Company's Founder, Lucy's best tips. 

  1. Don't beat yourself up. Mistakes happen, but whilst it's important to learn from them, it's also just as important to not mentally torture yourself and flood your mind with negative thoughts about it. That's energy wasted, friend. 
  2. Treating yourself is okay, but not mandatory. Yes, I have a candle company. Candles in my eyes relax, soothe and enhance your life but I am not going to preach about the magical powers of our scents (though they are damn great). But know that you do deserve good things and happiness. But if your automatic go to whenever you're in a negative pattern is to buy something and it's compromising your life, self-care is also recognising this and stopping bad habits. Sometimes self-care can be lighting a Black Amber and Lavender candle and having an Epsom salt bath, but sometimes it is recognising when you need to stop and take accountability. 
  3. Remember to breathe. Sounds basic, right? But just checking in with yourself, closing your eyes and take ten deep breaths whenever you feel overwhelmed, before you go to bed or if you need a moment to yourself can work wonders. 
  4. Stop putting off your plans. Have a friend that you've been meaning to see for ages? Stop saying 'We must meet up soon!' and say 'Are you free next Friday?' Checking in with those around you can really boost your life. 
  5. Setting a plan for the day in the morning, especially if you work from home, of just basic things that you want to achieve by the end of the day. It can be as simple as having a shower, brushing your hair, to writing a chapter of a book or replying to those outstanding emails. A bit of healthy competition with yourself never hurt anyone. (Yes, I do relate to Monica Gellar in Friends...)

What are your best tips? Leave them below!

Love and light



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