Which Scent Should I Choose?

How do I pick a scent?

We know it can be a bit tricky to choose - take a look at the chart below but if you're still not sure, send us a direct message on Instagram @GoodAuraCompany or email hello@goodauraco.com and we can offer advice! Our bestseller is Black Amber and Lavender and Fresh Ginger and Green Tea. 

Black Amber & Lavender

Our best-seller for relaxing,
a smoother lavender

Strawberry Dreams Perfect for gift if you're not sure or a girls night in! 
Coconut Dreams Our most subtle scent, Coconut blended with vanilla
Espresso For coffee lovers, just what you need for a Monday morning
Fresh Ginger & Green Tea Perfect for re-energising, with a grapefruit twist with Green Tea
Moon Lake Musk Jasmine blended with freesia, violet &
sandalwood - perfect for date nights
Palermo Aftershave inspired with
lemon & musk