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Palermo Wax Melt

The wax melts have been specifically curated and every scent and note has been carefully considered to create a distinctive scent that lasts.

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Scent Info

Inspired by daydreaming of honeymooning in Italy and hints of aftershave, with the smell of lemon and musk. Designed originally for my husband’s home office to transport us away to Palermo. 🍋

Lemon, Bergamot and notes of citrus have been blended with neroli, amber and musk for those preferring a more masculine scent with an elegant twist. Perfect for date nights, lighting while you're getting ready for an evening out or as a gift for your brother-in-law who's impossible to shop for.

How to Use the Wax Melts

Simply use one or two squares with your wax melter, ensuring it is in a deep enough melter and light with a tea light.

Each square can be used more than once, depending on how much you want to use the scent. To remove from your wax melter, once the wax is cooled, gently light the below chamber for a minute, press down on the slightly softened melt to pop out and dispose. Never leave unattended, near children or pets or flammable objects or in direct sunlight.

Wax Melt Packaging Info

Our wax melt packaging is in a glassine biodegradable resealable bag. The front label is biodegradable and the safety one on the back is easy to peel (soon to be biodegradable also). Simply peel off the safety label, pop it in the paper waste recycling and the bag and front label can go in your food waste!


W 16 cm X L 6.5 cm